Welcome to Croft Interactive, the home of Air Cargo Simulator.

Welcome to Croft Interactive

We are a game software development company specializing in creating immersive virtual reality experiences.

Playable Demos

These WIP projects or "Works in Progress" include various R&D levels from VR flight sims to 3D flight sims to Time Attack heli arcade style flying to forklift simulations. The windows installers included should work on just about any Windows 7 and up machine. They are tested on GTX940 GPU spec gear.

3D Downloads

Fly3CKTime AttackForklift

VR Downloads

Air Cargo Simulator

To activate HMD, select and enter a map on PC. Then, press Tilde key (~) and enter: stereo on
Press R key or Push Right Thumbstick to reset position. Use at anytime.

Our Vision

Develop useful, usable, and unforgettable Virtual Reality Experiences.

Our History

Croft Interactive was founded in 2009 to provide local businesses with affordable webmaster solutions including domain registration, web hosting, and design services. After several successful years of maintaining client web sites, Croft Interactive shifted to server-side scripting​,​ resulting in a full time software development company.

Today, Croft Interactive is leading the workforce training and compliance​ ​sector by developing immersive learning experiences using Unreal Engine 4.

Our Location

Our​ ​headquarters is located in beautiful Lake in the Hills, a northwest suburb of Chicago, IL USA.