Welcome to Croft Interactive, the home of Air Cargo Simulator.

The Home of Croft Interactive

Croft Interactive elevates 2D data into high-impact, expressive 3D models for widespread business application, including workforce training modules, simulations, and visualizations. 

Workforce Training 'Serious Games'

Croft Interactive has been providing eLearning content development services to training and consulting companies since 2012. Our new 3D xAPI enabled system offers an immerse training experience built on Unreal Engine 4 that helps deliver engaging content for more retained knowledge. All progress and assessment results are recorded through xAPI statements to any Learning Records Store (LRS). The LRS provides all reporting and analytics tools to measure competency. How much is your human capital worth?

Simulations & Visualizations

Our creative team is made up of  like minded individuals who share a passion for media production. This includes but is not limited to script writing, story boarding, budgeting, scheduling, multi-camera, audio recording, editing, special effects and motion graphics. With 3D modeling and game design being added to the list, it's this combination that allows us to deliver high quality simulations and visualizations.

Software Development

All of our games use a combination of C++ and JavaScript, while a majority of our web apps use a traditional LAMP stack (Linux, Apache,MySQL,PHP).

Our History

Croft Interactive was founded in 2009 to provide local businesses with affordable webmaster solutions including domain registration, web hosting, and design services. After several successful years of maintaining client web sites, Croft Interactive shifted to server-side scripting​,​ resulting in a full time software development company.  

Today, Croft Interactive is leading the workforce training and compliance​ ​sector by​ ​developing several 3D, real-time applications using Unreal Engine 4, xAPI and Learning Record Store (LRS).

Our Location

Our​ ​headquarters is located in beautiful Lake in the Hills, a northwest suburb of Chicago, IL USA.

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